The Top Czech Boy Names In 2019


As you probably already know, the Czech Republic is one of the few countries in the world that has a lot of traditions and a unique way of seeing things. So, when you are looking for the best names for your boy, you may want to check out the best Czech boy names.

One of the things that we like about the Czech boy names is that they are full of meanings that tend to relate to the own history of the country. 


So, today, we decided to share with you only the best Czech boy names as well as their respective meanings. Hopefully, you will find some that you like. 

Let’s get started with the best Czech boy names in 2019 that begin with a vowel as well as their respective meanings.

#1: Letter A:

Adam – means earth or man

Adolf – means noble wolf

Alan – means little rock

Albert – means bright or noble

Ales – means defender of man or nobly famous

Alex – means defender or helper

Alexej – means defender or helper

Alois – means well-know fighter

Ambroz – means immortal or divine

Andrej – means virility, manly or brave

Anna – means grain or food

Antek – means inestimable or priceless

Antonin – means inestimable

Arno – means eagle ruler or serious

Arnost – means stubborn or determined

Artis – means bear 

Artur – means dear or honorable

Augustyn – means venerable

#2: Letter E: 

Eduard – means guardian of happiness

Elias – means God is Jehovah

Emanuel – means God is with us

Erik – means honest ruler

Evzen – means of noble birth

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#3: Letter I: 


Ignác – means fiery

Igor – means God of fertility

Ilja – means God is my lord

Imrich – means home ruler

Ivan – means God is merciful

Ivo – means one of the yew tree

#4: Letter O:

Oldrich – means beautiful

Oleg – means strong, healthy or holy

Oliver – means peaceful or olive grower

Ondrej – means mannish soldier or warrior

Oskar – means God’s spear

Ota – means prosperous or wealthy

Otakar – means treasure or guardian of property

Otik – means wealthy and rich

Otmar – means famous for his property

Otokars – means  wealthy and rich

Otta – means happiness, prosperity or wealth

Otto – means happiness, prosperity or wealth

Now, let’s see the best Czech boy names that start with a consonant as well as their respective meanings.

#1: Letter B: 

Baltazar – means the one who saves the life of the king

Bedrich – means ruler of peace

Bemedikt – means blessed

Bernard – means strong as a bear

Blahoslav – means blessed

Blazej – means the one who stutters

Bohdan – means the one who is God-given

Bohdanko – means God gift

Bohumil – means the one who is dear to the God

Bohumir – means God’s peace

Bohuslav – means the God’s glory

Boleslav – means the one who has the greater glory

Bonifác – means good worker

Borek – means commander of soldiers

Boris – means wolf or short

Borijov – means a great soldier

Brencis – means the crown

Bretislav – means glorious noise

Bronislav – means glorious armor

Bruno – means tanned or brown

#2: Letter C


Celestyn – means heavenly

Cenek – means victorious

Ceslav – means celebrating honor

Cestmir – means strong fortress

Ctibor – means honorable fight

Ctirad – means honorable man

Cyril – means the one who is talented

#3: Letter D: 

Dal – means the blind one

Dalibor – means fighting far away

Dalimil – means still nice

Damik – means the one who is from Earth

Daniel – means God is my judge

David – means beloved

Denis – means divine child

Dobromir – means the one who keeps peace and prestige

Dobroslav – means good glory

Dominik – means lord

Drahomir – means precious peace

Drahoslav – means precious glory

Dusa – means spirit

Dusan – means spirit or soulful

#4: Letter F:

Felix – means happy

Ferdinand – means brave defender

Filip – means the one who loves horses

Frantisek – means free individual

#5: Letter G:

Gabriel – means God is my strength

Gustav – means protection or column

#6: Letter H: 

Hanus – means God is merciful

Hasya – means joy

Havel – means rooster

Herman – means fighter

Horymir – means the one who seeks peace with the mountains

Hubert – means clever or intelligent

Hugo – means thinker

Hynek – means ruler of the house

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#7: Letter J: 

Jáchym – means god shall establish

Jakub – means seized by the hand

Jan – means gift from God

Jarmil – means spring favor

Jaromír – means famous for his power

Jaroslav – means spring glory

Jeronym – means holy

Jezek – means a tiny nocturnal old world mammal

Jindrich – means home ruler

Jiri – means grower or farmer

Jonás – means free as a bird

Josef – means God will give you a child

Julius – means divine or bright

Juro – means farmer

#8: Letter K: 


Kalal – means woodcutter

Kamil – means attendant for a temple

Karel – means rustic or free man

Karin – means pure, beautiful or nice

Kaspar – means treasurer

Kazimir-  means the one who destroys the world

Kilian – means blind

Klement – means forgiving merciful

Kolar – means wheelwright or cartwright

Kristof – means Christ-bearer

Kvetoslav – means flower or blossom

Kvido – means guide

#9: Letter L:

Ladislav – means famous ruler

Leopold – means bold or fast

Leos – means lion

Libor – means freeborn

Lojza – means a well-known warrior

Lubomir – means peace lover

Lubor – means nice or handsome

Lubos – means the one who loves the world or the one who loves peace

Ludek – means well-known fighter

Ludvik – means famous war

Lukas – means the one who illuminates

Lumír – means peaceful

#10: Letter M: 

Marcel – means warlike

Marek – means warlike

Marián – means bitter

Martin – means warrior

Matej – means God’s gift

Matous – means gift of God

Matyas – means gift from God

Maxmilián – means hotheaded or biggest

Medard – means hardy, brave or good

Melichar – means king of the light

Mtodej – means research or exploration

Michal – means the one who is like God

Mikolás – means victory of the people

Mikulás – means victory of the people

Milan – means beloved or kind

Milos – means kind or nice

Miloslav – means kind

Mirek – means celebrating peace

Mojmír – means my peace

#11: Letter N: 

Norbert – means aurora or light of the North

#12: Letter R: 

Radek – means the one who is happy

Radomil – means happy

Robin – means brilliant or shining glory

#13: Letter S: 

Siman – means the one who is perceived

Simon – means hearing or listening

Stanislav – means to become famous

#14: Letter T: 

Tomas – means the twin

#15: Letter V: 

Vojtech – means the war eager

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